Thursday, August 23, 2007

Speaking of UCA....

Did you read that UCA now has a (insert drumroll) Mobile Command Center. Oh my. And it's parked right by the student center. Hmmmm... a hundred yards from the immobile command center? I guess they are going to move it around campus? Why?

Don't they stay busy enough writing parking tickets? Do they really have time for a policemobile?

Back to School at UCA

Hi, ho...hi's back to school today for UCA. And only takes a momentary drive around town to know that little tidbit. Traffic, traffic, traffic.

Be careful if you're driving south down Donaghey toward Dave Ward Drive. Yes, there are crosswalks...but KNOW that not everyone uses them. Students have a knack for thinking their backpacks and bookbags make them unable to be squished by a moving vehicle. They pop out of no where...ipods firmly glued to their ears...cell phone attached to head...and backpack swaying elegantly as they pop out unexpectedly to saunter across the road.

Squished college students don't make good yeah...maybe you do have the right of way, but take a deep breath and drive a little slower around campus.

They'll eventually learn, but let's not squish em before they get the chance.

Conway, Conway...where for art thou?

Where is Conway, Arkansas?

Well..according to the Conway Chamber of Commerce...Conway is located in the heart of Arkansas.

Hmmmm....Does that mean that Hot Springs is in the stomach? Perhaps Arkadelphia is in the knee? Fayetteville in the ear?

Who knows. Another problem is that both Little Rock and North Little Rock also claim to be in the heart of Arkansas.

Well...Arkansas has a big heart. lol

If you know Arkansas at all, then Conway is located about 30 miles north of Little Rock off I-40 West...

If you don't know Arkansas at all...well...Conway is in the heart. :)